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Two Wedding Photographers Explore Hwy 1 California

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This has been a year of dreams fulfilled.  Last September, I married the girl of my dreams.  She’s gorgeous, smart, creative, loves travel, and happens to be a phenomenal photographer.   When we have coffee dates and dream together… travel becomes the topic of conversation quite quickly.

We were blessed with a little surprise after our honeymoon.  No… no babies or anything like that…  Our flight back to Canada was oversold, and having a few days to kill before getting back into the working life, we quickly volunteered to give up our seats.  An extra night enjoying a posh hotel, payed for by the airline, and a big flight credit?!?… heck yes!!  When we got our travel vouches for some free airline credit, to our surprise… we got twice as much as we were expecting.  In the months that followed we dreamed up where we should go with this credit.  The answer was a classic one… CALIFORNIA!

My brother Jonathan and his wife had recently made Los Angeles their home.  It was a perfect excuse for a visit.  Jonathan happens to be a talented singer, songwriter, producer, and artist developer. See what he is up to here:   Kailyn and I were eager for a quality family time, and some time to explore the iconic Pacific Coast.

Here are a few of our explorations. Including an epic hike up the foothills surrounding LA.

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