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An Urban-Chic Steam Whistle Brewery Wedding

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Snjezana + Jay’s wedding took place in the late August heat, so what better venue to hold their wedding than at Steam Whistle Brewery with an ice cold bottle of Premium Pilsner to cool down after taking photos in the Distillery District??

Snjezana comes from a Croatian background, while Jay’s family is Filipino. It was so fun to see them blend their cultures into their wedding celebrations with traditional dancing during the reception and a meaningful ceremony at St. Paul’s Basilica.

This wedding was full of gorgeous details, from their invitations, to the flowers, to the cake – it was all so visually breathtaking we just had to share it on our blog.

Thanks Snjezana + Jay for letting us be such a big apart of your day! It was an honour to be there and capture it all for you!

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