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A Little Update From Us…

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A lot has been happening around here, so we thought we’d do a little “life update.” Probably the most exciting thing would be that we are expecting our first baby in just a couple of weeks! We’ve had a fairly quiet winter this year, which has actually been really great and has allowed us time to really think about the future and really prepare for life with a baby! (Can you ever really be prepared though!?)

As we’ve also been preparing for a busy 2017 wedding season, we have made some changes to Michael Steingard Photography…at least for the next year or so!

One of those changes is for us to pull back on Destination Weddings for the time being. We absolutely LOVE Destination Weddings, and think they are so much fun! We’ve been really spoiled with getting to shoot weddings in some incredible places, for incredible couples! However, we also really value time with family and feel it is necessary for us to really focus on becoming three instead of two and building those relationships while focusing more on shooting weddings in Canada.

We are so grateful to our clients past and present who have expressed their heartfelt congratulations, understanding and support in this exciting time in our lives! We always say we feel like we have the best job in the world working for some of the best people and this only continues to be true!

We thought we’d also share a few photos from our at-home maternity session. It was really special for us to be able to create these photos together and blend our shooting and editing styles in a fun little project just for us! Stay tuned for more once our little sweetie is finally here! (We’ll try not to overload you with baby photos – we promise!)

Much Love – The Steingards

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