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A Wee Peek at Northern Ireland

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As mentioned in our previous blog post, A Bohemian, English Countryside Wedding, we Steingards had the opportunity to travel to Northern Ireland after shooting a wedding in England this past September.

Michael had spent some significant time in Ireland a few years ago, and fell in love with the rugged countryside and quaint villages. It had been a dream for both of us to be able to return together and explore.

Kailyn’s maternal grandmother was from Ireland – specifically Holywood – which happened to be quite close to where we were staying in Belfast.

It was such a special trip for us, renting a car, and driving up the coast stopping wherever we pleased to snap photos to our heart’s content. Perhaps the icing on the cake was finding out at the end of the trip that we were expecting a new little Steingard, and being able to come home and tell our families that we had brought them a “wee something” from Ireland!

While we mainly shoot weddings and engagements, it’s always really fun for us to be able to take photos of our own travelling and share them here too! Some of the sights you’ll see here include Belfast, National Trust – Carrick-a-Rede, Castlerock, The Dark Hedges and all the lush, green country in between!

So grab yourself a cup of tea, (or a Guinness if that’s your preferred beverage!) and enjoy Northern Ireland through our eyes!

Much Love,

The Steingards

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