When and How Will We Receive Our Photos?

We prefer to take the time and care to edit each photograph to make sure that it looks the best that it possibly can. We take about 6-8 weeks from the wedding date for the editing process and then we will mail you the photos on a USB card in a nifty little tin to keep it safe in. We do not handle any prints whatsoever. When you are paying us, part of what you pay for is the printing rights/permissions to your photos. That way, you can print anywhere, anytime and never have to come back to us to purchase anything.

Will we get all the Photos you take on the wedding day?

Heck NO! After your wedding day we take a look through all the photos that we have taken and pull out each photo that we think is great! We leave out any blinks, blurs and weird faces, or things that just don’t feel right. We will never under ANY circumstance give out RAW or unedited photos.

What is the Same Day Slideshow?

Same Day Slideshows are such an awesome part of a wedding day! We edit around 100 images from the day and while your guests are up on the dance floor having a good time the photos will show up on our 6ft x 8ft screen and projector. It’s always such a nice surprise for the guests as many of them will never see the professional photos from your day.Once we arrive home, we will upload the slideshow to a private online link within a week after the wedding for you to share with family and friends.

Do You Offer Albums?

We value giving our clients an excellent product at an affordable cost. Unfortunately we are still on the search for an album company that will help us do this. So, at this time, we are unable to offer album printing for our clients. Keep checking back with us to see if this has changed!

How Much Time Do You Need for Photos?

Timing for photos can vary from wedding to wedding depending on whether you have a first look, what time dinner is etc. We generally need about 90 mins to 2 hours to create magic with you and your wedding party, whether that happens before or after the ceremony is up to you!

I have a Pinterest board with lots of shot ideas. Can you recreate them for us?

The short answer is no way. The long answer is this. You guys are hiring us because you absolutely love the photographs you have seen us create. So, really what you are hiring us for is our eyes. Our vision. The problem with giving us a Pinterest board or shot list full of ideas you’ve seen other photographers do is that then we are spending our precious time with you recreating someone else’s vision instead of creating our own vision for your day. That being said, if you have one or two photos that you absolutely MUST have, we are happy to accommodate those requests. We aren’t jerks.

What Kind of Equipment do You Use?

While we believe that stunning images are the result of composition and creativity and not necessarily related to what equipment you use, we never want our gear to slow us down. We use various combinations of top of the line Canon equipment, including the Canon 5D & 6D series cameras, and have had great experiences with Canon’s L series of lenses and the new Sigma ART line. We have back-ups for everything and all of our gear is insured!

You obviously travel for weddings. Is there anywhere you won’t go?

Unfortunately, the U.S. Department of Immigration does not recognize our work as an “extraordinary talent” (I know, right!?) therefore we are unable to take any bookings in the USA. Also, at this time, we are not taking any bookings for Mexico.

How do we book you for our wedding?

Once we’ve had the chance to chat over the phone about your day, we’ll send you a contract of services. Upon the signing of the contract, we require a non-refundable deposit to ensure that we mark off your day in the calendar for you and no one else! Then, we make photo magic!