Joey + Ellie // Married

The Biehns // A Family Portrait

What are Moving Portraits?

Imagine being able to look back on your memories and have them come to life. The exact moment your groom saw you walking down the aisle. The precise way you danced your first dance after hours of practice. The wonderful subtleties of the way your child smiled at age 5. Photographs only lend themselves to so much in our memories. Imagine looking back on a moment in time and being able to step into that moment and experience it rather than just look at it?

This is what Moving Portraits are all about.

Moving Portraits was developed as a way for you to capture these memories in a non-cheesy and dynamic way. After being asked many times if we do videography, we decided to try our hand at filming a few simple clips and discovered that we could offer something unique and meaningful in lieu of the typical wedding day video. Moving Portraits are perfect for the couple that want to remember their day in a more experiential way than just photos, but don’t want to necessarily hire a full videography team.

Moving Portraits are not a full-production wedding video. There’s no microphones, no real time capture of your ceremony or speeches and no interviews or talking. Set to beautiful music, experience your day all over again in a 3-5 minute feature that encompasses all you’d want to remember with beautiful moving memories.

Moving Portraits can be added onto any wedding package as well as any family portrait session.

Interested in Moving Portraits as a part of your day or family session? Contact us for details on availability and pricing!